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Fives-Pillard Burner Sales and Service

Bridge Gap Engineering has represented Fives-Pillard burners in the North American market since 2010.  BGE has supplied a number of plants with new installations of NOVAFLAM® burners, as well as the revolutionary DNOxFLAM® burner for low-NOx direct firing.

Bridge Gap Engineering is proud to now offer the NOVAFLAM® Evolution series burners, with a number of key innovations to drive down the cost of ownership.

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Burner Installation, Operation, & Maintenance

Bridge Gap Engineering is capable of supporting all stages of burner installation, operation, and maintenance, including a great deal of experience in design of systems for natural gas firing.  BGE can handle all phases of burner installation projects, from feasibility studies through engineering and supply of the system modifications required.

Scott Winkler, Chief Engineer for Bridge Gap Engineering, discusses the products and services offered by Bridge Gap Engineering in support of burner projects in the video below.

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Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about Fives-Pillard burner supply, the complete capabilities of BGE for supplying burner projects, or for spare parts for your existing Pillard NOVAFLAM, DNOxFLAM, or ROTAFLAM burner.