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Matrix Solutions Stack Coatings

Bridge Gap Engineering is a proud distributor of Matrix Solutions industrial coatings.  For over five years, Bridge Gap has supplied the Matrix Solutions COMBAT DEFIANCE® coating material to provide superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments in the cement industry.

The COMBAT Defiance product is an organic coating consisting of an asphalt-type organic material with a binding and a setting agent.  Unlike many other coating products, this material requires minimal surface preparation (SP-6 / SP-7).  Additionally this resin technology will allow a partially intact previous liner that is tightly adhered to be overcoated.  Further, the material can be re-coated and may be applied under extreme environmental conditions, and does not require any post-application force curing.  The material withstands flexing and vibration, and can be used in environments which are exposed to temperatures up to 260 °C (500 °F).  Two recent applications have shown the advantage of this material.

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COMBAT DEFIANCE Application in Bag Filter

BGE has also partnered with a preferred application specialist to provide full EPC projects for the supply and installation of this innovative product in environments such as the clean side of baghouses, plant stacks, and in cement kiln bypass ductwork.  The material has successfully withstood attack from gases containing high levels of moisture, SO2, and HCl.

Our trusted installer was on site in February of 2014 to install approximately 15,000 square feet of COMBAT Defiance at a cement plant site in Missouri, and performed the installation in the full stack and in the duct to the stack.  Our installer sand blasted and prepped the areas to be coated, and sprayed a 30 to 50 mil coating of material in the areas.  The application was completed on time during the annual plant outage.  Importantly, and compared to other products available for this purpose, the material was applied while the weather conditions were poor – the ambient temperature was frequently below freezing, and the crew had to cope with freezing rain.  The plant has reviewed the installation during each subsequent plant outage.  In the inspections performed, only minor repairs have been required in spot areas, and these have been  easily hand tooled and overcoated.

Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about this unique product offering, an installation list, recent case studies, or about how Bridge Gap Engineering and our trusted partners can assist in protecting your plant from the maintenance costs associated with these corrosion problems.