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Bridge Gap Engineering has represented the Seal Plus kiln seal design in North America since 2012.  Before agreeing to represent the Seal Plus design, our engineers subjected the Seal Plus design to a thorough review.

What sets the Seal Plus lamella-style seal apart from conventional kiln seals is a unique, 3-layer design for each plate, as demonstrated below.

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The plate places a layer of stainless steel formulated to resist both high temperatures and friction (Item C) in direct contact with the kiln, and a layer of spring steel (Item A) on the outside to place pressure on the stainless steel plate to provide for a tight seal with the kiln shell. Between the two layers, a thin layer of ceramic paper (Item B) is placed to act as a thermal insulator. The three layers are riveted together with a cable guide on the outer side of the seal. During installation, the plates are overlapped and bolted together, and a cable is wrapped around the seal plates. The complete system, designed for any size kiln, ensures a long lifetime for the seal plates and a tight seal to prevent inleaking air from robbing system efficiency and production.

All seals are “tailor-made” to the specific kiln and/or rotary dryer, and can be provided on either the feed or discharge end. Bridge Gap will usually provide an engineer to site to verify all dimensions before designing and delivering the parts. Bridge Gap can provide customers with a video and detailed instruction for the seal installation. Further, a technician from Seal Plus or Bridge Gap will supervise the proper seal installation.

Partial replacements of existing seals are available for customers interested in trying this design before committing to a full installation.

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Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about the kiln seal design, recent case studies, or about how a kiln seal replacement might assist your plant.