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Bridge Gap Engineering is a proud partner of Flow Industries, Ltd. for solutions to flowability problems in bulk storage systems, and in offering systems for effective cleaning of preheater components.

Flow Industries offers two product lines to attack build-up problems where they start.  The Silo-Flow™ system is used in bulk storage bins to combat build-up and bridging of difficult to handle materials. The Turbo-Flow™ system is installed in preheaters and other hot applications for the removal of chemical and temperature-induced build-ups on the walls of vessels.

Each system utilizes a patented high-pressure impulse system to effectively keep materials flowing.  For bin applications using the Silo Flow system, high pressure air stream is supplied to a Silo Flow Device (SFD), as pictured below.  The SFD provides a repetitive impulse to the material, breaking uo material build-ups and returning flow conditions to the vessel.

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Each Silo Flow Device delivers sufficient impulse power to replace several traditional-style air cannons.  In successful applications in cement plants, the Silo Flow system has allowed for the successful usage of materials such as fly ash and synthetic gypsum with fewer stoppages and less downtime associated with material handling blockages.

In hot applications such as preheater riser ducts and clinker coolers, the Turbo Flow system offers superior cleaning capabilities.  The Turbo Flow Device (TFD) used in these applications uses a metered amount of water in conjunction with high pressure air to provide a greater volume of expanding vapor to clean material build-ups brought about due to volatile circulation and the high temperatures required for emissions controls and combustion of fuels.


Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about these product lines , an installation list, recent case studies, or about how Bridge Gap Engineering and our trusted partners can assist in solving material handling problems.